How to play

There're 4 types of card you can use to defense the portal from the zombies, try not to let them destroy the End Portal.

  • Short-range:

+ Soldier 0.5  dmg per hit, shoot 3 bullets

+ Minigunner 1 dmg per hit rapid fire no reload, shoot 100 bullets

  • Medium-range:

+ Accelerator 10 dmg per hit rapid-fire costs a lot of money

  • Wide-range:

+ Ranger 40dmg per hit 6 sec reload

  • Tools/upgrades:

+ Farm 100 cash each wave

Pls comment when you won my game :D 

And Enjoy!!!

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AuthorGolden Cat Education
Made withGameMaker
Tags2D, Pixel Art, roblox, Tower Defense


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This is a game I found to be rather challenging but at an enjoyable level. I did find some bugs when selecting units though.