About this game:

The goal is to save fish from trash for the ocean to be clean 

There is 2 game mode, it is 1 player and 2 player. 

  • 1 player goal is to keep the ocean has more than 2 fish in total and in a limited amount of time. 
  • 2 player goal is to save the most fish that get stucked by trash more than the other player.


  1. Luke: W/A/S/D or Hold Left Mouse Button
  2. Luck: Arrow keys

Special Features:

  • Power up that would clear all the trash in the ocean.


Inspired by the project Team Seas, by Mr.Beast and Mark Rober 

This will help raising people awareness about whether we should throw trash and don’t care about them or whether we put it in a right place.


Fish_Savior.zip 1 MB

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