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Escape the Dungeon:

A long long time ago, in a place far far from here, lived a man named Mitch. He worked as a farmer… more specifically as a goatherd. He was a simple man. He didn’t gain much from his occupation and didn’t want much. But that didn’t discourage him at all. In fact, he didn’t even care. So he spent all day, laboriously and rigorously, caring for his goats with all his love. Everything was perfect, or that he thought that it was. Deep down in his mountain lived a horrifying monster that drains power from darkness.  And only while a solar eclipse, when the moon blocks the light of the sun, will he have the ability and strength of a thousand men.

One day, Mitch went fetching water in a pond nearby when suddenly; he was knocked out unconscious…

“Where am I? It looks like I’m in some kind of old mine... Whatever this is, I will have to find a way to get out!”


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